SuRi on Jeju island ^_^

Junsu uploaded a picture of him on his twitter

and said he’s recently on a vacation with his family on Jeju island ^^


Last year I remember Haeri went to Jeju island for her private vacation as well ^^

SuRi are cute~~


source: junsu’s twitter; heari’s cyworld


Tears of Heaven – Junsu & Haeri performances

Junsu has his first TOH performance on February 01

Haeri’s first performance of TOH was on Feb. 03

I was very moved watching the fancams of TOH

Junsu was splendid, Haeri was amazing for her first time standing on a musical stage

I love how Haeri wears “ao dai” like a real vietnamese girl


ps. both came to each other’s first stage ^.^



images crd.: picnicxiah, happy voice

February – the birthday boy & girl

February 04 – Jaejoong

February 14 – Haeri

today it’s actual JJ’s birthday ^_^

and in 10 days it’s Haeri’s bd (Valentine’s Day -what a lucky girl >.<)


SuRi – Tears of Heaven fanmade clip

I create a video clip for Junsu and Haeri for their TOH musical


SuRi – in Tears of Heaven

I love these two: amazing vocals, energic performances

what a pity they only got rehearsed together,

but on stage at the actual performances they were paired up with other actors


a beautiful picture

actually I think Junsu and Haeri have more chemistry with each other than the other pairings (ex. Junsu & Yoon Gong Ju, Haeri & other actor ^^;)

I love how he looks at her and she looks tenderly fine


images credits: as tagged.


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