The One that I Love

Haeri used to participated in drama OST before.
This time for Poseidon drama, titled: The One (Junsu?lol) I Love.
She seldom tweeted/promoted about her solo projects.
But this time she did on twitter. Why would she?
It’s a song like every other OST songs, or maybe not?
Because this song has a meaningful lyrics? ^___^

Reading the lyrics as a Junsu x Haeri shipper, I thought the lyrics perfectly fit Haeri’s feelings, that’s why it’s meaningful for her to tweeted about that song.

Since the lyrics talk about a woman who’s deeply and madly in love with a man, but the couple were seperated, and the woman is remeniscing the joyful and happy past which they had spent together, she cannot forget about him, even she knows that she has to…

It was said that Haeri spent alot of time with their co-stars and staff during musical ‘Tears of Heaven’. Not only fans stalking confirmed it but also member Minkyung talked on various interviews that during TOH musical Haeri neglected Minkyung for being with her musical friends. For many reasons it is said that Junsu and Haeri became good friends after TOH.

[11.10.18] Haeri Twitter Update

저 살아있었습니다..제가 포세이돈 ost에 참여하게 됐어요!! 사랑하는 사람아.라는 곡입니다^^ 많이 들어주세요오오오 그리고 요즘 가을인지 겨울인지…너무 추워요 다들 감기조심 옷 따숩게!
i was alive.. i took a part in the poseidon ost!! its name is ” The one that I love ” ^^ hope you guys listen to it alot and i don’t know it’s fall or winter now… it’s too cold. everyone be careful not to catch a cold. wear some warm clothes! 

Trans : HCJJEONG @ D.E.T/Girlshigh

SuRi – they belong together

SuRi couple only on sundays for TOH?

It seems like Junsu and Haeri only paired up on sundays performances of TOH musical.

Since Junsu’s permanent partner in TOH is Yoon Gong Ju, and Haeri’s partner is Jung Sang Yoon.

I’ll make compilations of SuRi’s performances so far on March 13, March 20, March 27 ^_^

And I’m a bit sad, TOH is coming to its wrap up, on March 19.

I’ll miss this them. It’s a freshing, amazing musical with its great cast.

Hwaiting TOH crew, hwaiting SuRi!

100 promises of Lee Hae Ri

One of the reasons why I love Davichi and Hae Ri 🙂

This interview was made on March 05, 2011 when reporters visit Hae Ri backstage

on her Tears Of Heaven performance.

1.Be a good daughter of your parents
2.Cherish yourself
3.Don’t skip a meal
4.Don’t forget your first intention
5.Go to the hospital when you get sick
6.Take a good care of your health
7.Don’t ever complain
8.Don’t lie
9.Read books when you have  free time
10. Have to meet a good boyfriend
11.When you receive your prize you have to say ‘Girls High’
12.Don’t worry about the easy things
13.When you get tired, or you feel sad don’t hide your feelings
14.Update your news on your homepage often
15.Look at the camera well when you are on the stage
16.Get along with Minkyung
17.Always smile
18.Take care of Minkyung like real sister
19.Do your best when you do something
20.Sometimes visit fan-cafe and leave a message
21.Make a lot of entertainer friends
22.Spend time for your family once  a month
23.Don’t be nervous too much on the stage
24.Consider others
25.Be a courteous person

26.Don’t look back when you cry
27.Check your performance every time
28.Think positively always
29.Don’t practice too hard
30.Always convey the gratitude to others
31.Doing the best in order to move toward the dream
32. Always be humble
33.Take care of your throat
34. Enjoy your job
35. Quickly forget the bad things
36. Be friendly with all artists in the same the agency
37. Do not give up easily
38. When you have a boyfriend, tell it to others
39. Always greet with the junios or seniors
40. Do Not be picky
41. Obey your manager
42. Visit fan-cafe often
43. When you want to cry, just cry
44. The more you know yourself, the more you become an attractive woman
45. Don’t make fans worry about you
46. Have the steady movement
47. Don’t absent your mind
48. Do not forget that everyone has been always supporting you
49. Treasured all gifts of others
50. Be a role-model for other singers

51. Not too much chit-chat
52. Beware of men when you sleep or awake
53. Doing the best when you were entrusted
54. Rather than compete with others, just compete with yourself
55. To think of all the fans
56.  Living in abundance at this moment
57. Smile every morning to practice
58. Do not be jealous of anything
59. Do Not confuse the lyrics
60. Don’t get hurt because of the malicious replies
61. Do not think of yourself too much
62. Going to see the new movie with Min Kyung
63. Be closer to others first
64. Take a lot of Self-Cam and Upload them
65. Increase fans to decrease anti-fan
66. Contact  the friends who you couln’t contact because of being so busy
67. To live in a regular life
68. Do not lose the ones whom love you
69.  Don’t give up your dream and keep challenge
70. Be a proud daughter of your parents
71. Drink alot of water all day
72. Do not lose confidence
73. Drinking plenty of water before appearing on stage
74. Don’t go out alone at night
75. Do not drink a lot of alcohol
76. I also love your weak image so, don’t pretend strong
77. To ensure privacy management
78. To try new things
79. Working hard at Vocal training
80. Strive to get acquainted with other fans

81. Never do your work till you get hungry
82. Always good to meet  a song again
83. You have to know that your non-makeup-face is also precious
84. Do not love Male-Entertainer too much
85. Do not wear the Straight face in front of fans
86. .You have to know that the ‘Girls high’ is always your supporter
87. Express your gratitude though it is a small thing
88. Remain forever as Davichi
89. No matter how hard the question is ,you still have to answer all of it
90. Working hard everyday for all fans
91. Even When it’s hot or cold, ,you still have to remember that the fans are waiting
92. Each time the awards ceremony ,the awards can be harder to win
93. Strive to be remembered by all the fans
94. Thanks to my mom whom gave birth to me,i can be able to sing on stage now
95. Always be greatful to all fans for supporting
96.You have to keep your promise that you said you would be a member of Davichi till you died
97. you have to know that Davichi is the best and the brightest singer on the stage
98. The great singers can illuminate the world by their songs
99. Don’t neglect this list

100. Read and learn this list one more time

Source :

English translation:, some grammar correction by me 🙂

2011.02.13 – SuRi finally on stage together

I’ve gave up hope to see SuRi couple on stage together

when actually Yoon Gongju was Junsu’s partner for TOH stage,

but then…

last sunday,on  02.13.

I got “two birds with one stone” ^_^ when

Su and Ri appeared on stage


Yoochun & Jaejoong went to watch the performance as well O_0

(*flows confetti*)



ps. coincidence or not,

but I love that Jaejoong and Yoochun went to watch TOH

exactly the day SuRi were paired up on stage

as I know before and after that one performance,

SuRi got back with their original partners for the musical T_T

SuRi celebrated Haeri’s birthday

February 14 is not only Valentine’s Day

but Haeri’s brithday as well

this year that lucky girl celebrated her birthday with her musical crew “Tears of Heaven”







SuRi is so cute~~


Lee Hae Ri, 생일축하합니다 !!

Happy Valentine’s Day ♥ !!



Junsu, please introduce Lee Haeri to your bbf Jaejoong!!

Jaejoong dropped a bombshell on a recent MBN interview:

“I want to do a “bathtub kiss,”. After getting married, I want to take a bubble bath with my wife..”


When asked about the member facing the most pressure to get married, everyone picks Jaejoong.

Jaejoong’s father told him, “No girlfriend? That’s okay, just give me a grandchild.”

Loled at JJ’s family





And I want a JaeRi fanfic~~!!

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