The One that I Love

Haeri used to participated in drama OST before.
This time for Poseidon drama, titled: The One (Junsu?lol) I Love.
She seldom tweeted/promoted about her solo projects.
But this time she did on twitter. Why would she?
It’s a song like every other OST songs, or maybe not?
Because this song has a meaningful lyrics? ^___^

Reading the lyrics as a Junsu x Haeri shipper, I thought the lyrics perfectly fit Haeri’s feelings, that’s why it’s meaningful for her to tweeted about that song.

Since the lyrics talk about a woman who’s deeply and madly in love with a man, but the couple were seperated, and the woman is remeniscing the joyful and happy past which they had spent together, she cannot forget about him, even she knows that she has to…

It was said that Haeri spent alot of time with their co-stars and staff during musical ‘Tears of Heaven’. Not only fans stalking confirmed it but also member Minkyung talked on various interviews that during TOH musical Haeri neglected Minkyung for being with her musical friends. For many reasons it is said that Junsu and Haeri became good friends after TOH.

[11.10.18] Haeri Twitter Update

저 살아있었습니다..제가 포세이돈 ost에 참여하게 됐어요!! 사랑하는 사람아.라는 곡입니다^^ 많이 들어주세요오오오 그리고 요즘 가을인지 겨울인지…너무 추워요 다들 감기조심 옷 따숩게!
i was alive.. i took a part in the poseidon ost!! its name is ” The one that I love ” ^^ hope you guys listen to it alot and i don’t know it’s fall or winter now… it’s too cold. everyone be careful not to catch a cold. wear some warm clothes! 

Trans : HCJJEONG @ D.E.T/Girlshigh