2011.02.13 – SuRi finally on stage together

I’ve gave up hope to see SuRi couple on stage together

when actually Yoon Gongju was Junsu’s partner for TOH stage,

but then…

last sunday,on  02.13.

I got “two birds with one stone” ^_^ when

Su and Ri appeared on stage


Yoochun & Jaejoong went to watch the performance as well O_0

(*flows confetti*)



ps. coincidence or not,

but I love that Jaejoong and Yoochun went to watch TOH

exactly the day SuRi were paired up on stage

as I know before and after that one performance,

SuRi got back with their original partners for the musical T_T


SuRi celebrated Haeri’s birthday

February 14 is not only Valentine’s Day

but Haeri’s brithday as well

this year that lucky girl celebrated her birthday with her musical crew “Tears of Heaven”







SuRi is so cute~~


Lee Hae Ri, 생일축하합니다 !!

Happy Valentine’s Day ♥ !!



Junsu, please introduce Lee Haeri to your bbf Jaejoong!!

Jaejoong dropped a bombshell on a recent MBN interview:

“I want to do a “bathtub kiss,”. After getting married, I want to take a bubble bath with my wife..”


When asked about the member facing the most pressure to get married, everyone picks Jaejoong.

Jaejoong’s father told him, “No girlfriend? That’s okay, just give me a grandchild.”

Loled at JJ’s family





And I want a JaeRi fanfic~~!!

SuRi on Jeju island ^_^

Junsu uploaded a picture of him on his twitter

and said he’s recently on a vacation with his family on Jeju island ^^


Last year I remember Haeri went to Jeju island for her private vacation as well ^^

SuRi are cute~~


source: junsu’s twitter; heari’s cyworld

Tears of Heaven – Junsu & Haeri performances

Junsu has his first TOH performance on February 01

Haeri’s first performance of TOH was on Feb. 03

I was very moved watching the fancams of TOH

Junsu was splendid, Haeri was amazing for her first time standing on a musical stage

I love how Haeri wears “ao dai” like a real vietnamese girl


ps. both came to each other’s first stage ^.^



images crd.: picnicxiah, happy voice

February – the birthday boy & girl

February 04 – Jaejoong

February 14 – Haeri

today it’s actual JJ’s birthday ^_^

and in 10 days it’s Haeri’s bd (Valentine’s Day -what a lucky girl >.<)


SuRi – Tears of Heaven fanmade clip

I create a video clip for Junsu and Haeri for their TOH musical


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